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Here at GB Property Management & Lettings we take your privacy seriously, we will store and process your personal data on registration for up 7 years unless you proceed with a letting of a property at which point your registration will be stored throughout your Tenancy and up to 7 years after. We will only use your personal information to provide services to you that you have requested from us, like booking you in to view properties, sending you details of properties to let and putting your request to proceed with a property forward to a prospective Landlord.

The introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation raises the requirements for consent. We would like to be able to continue to help you in all aspects of your property rental to enable us to do this please complete the consent below.

I give consent to my personal data being given to and stored by the Agent/s, prospective and current Tenant/s or Landlords, contractors, enforcement agencies, insurance providers, utility providers, and referencing agencies.

Without your consent we will be unable to assist you.

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